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To Prompt or Not to Prompt – That is the Question!

While conducting job interviews, selection panels are frequently torn between whether to probe or prompt the job interviewees. Sometimes, members of selection panels become confused about the differences between these two approaches to job interview questions. This article clarifies the issues for selection panels.

Research, Research, Research

Too many applicants underestimate how critical it is to do their research before applying for a job. Being prepared, understanding the role and knowing the company can go a long way in all stages of the application process. Read on for some great tips on how doing your research can set you apart from other applicants.

That’s a Candidate you’ve got there…..

How you treat job candidates during the selection process has a major impact on how they view your organisation and whether you are seen as an employer of choice. Candidate care is a critical element of the selection process.

Soft Skills in High Demand

In a recent news release, Nick Deligiannis, Director of Hays Recruiting, stated that soft skills are "highly valued" by employers.  He referred particularly to interpersonal, leadership and organisational skills. Nick Deligiannis commented that some employers will...

Management Development: Learning to Shape Team Culture

Management Development: Learning to Shape Team Culture

One of the key lessons in management development today is learning how to shape team culture.  You are probably acutely aware of the culture above you (organizational culture) and the culture outside the organization (industry or national culture).  What you may not...

Woman Sacked for Malicious Gossip : Decision Upheld

Woman Sacked for Malicious Gossip : Decision Upheld

A female employee was sacked recently for malicious gossip about her employer’s sex life and drug use.  The employee in question made application under the Fair Work Act (2009) against the employer on the grounds of “unfair dismissal”.  Fair Work Australia reported...

The Damage Done by the Good Cop/Bad Cop Approach to Job Interviews

There can be serious negative consequences from adopting the “Good Cop/Bad Cop” approach to job interviews. Selection panels can lose respect from GenY’s when using this approach to selection interviews because they do not appreciate “intimidation” and assume that this will carry over to the job context.

Merit Solutions Australia: Our New Blog

Welcome to our new blog.  We will be sharing current information about our company (Merit Solutions Australia), our primary client group (the Public Sector) and our niche (Human Resource Management). On this blog, we will introduce our new human resource consultants,...

Winning That Job – Doing Research Pays Off

Winning That Job – Doing Research Pays Off

Help yourself and the selection panel by properly researching the advertised position and organisation before completing your job application and attending your job interview. You will have a better chance to win that job!

Don’t Be Afraid to Manage Your Referees

What should you do to manage your referees effectively and appropriately? You need to think about what you can do to make it easy for the panel to get good quality information from referees. And, you must think about what you can do to make it easy for referees to provide good quality information for the panel.

What is Employment Equity?

Employment equity means treating people fairly – and that may mean treating some people differently from others. It means creating equal opportunities for people.

Attend, Listen, Learn and Motivate

Attend, Listen, Learn and Motivate

The process of active listening may sound simple but its effects are profound and far-reaching. Active listening can address an employee’s needs, affirm their self-worth and contribute substantially to their work motivation.

Don’t Bag Your Boss At Job Interviews

A job applicant who feels the need to bag their boss at a job interview, is typically frustrated by their boss or angry at them. They let their feelings control their behavior on interview which, in turn, demonstrates a lack of personal control. This is a fatal mistake in a job interview.

The Power of Positive Feedback

The Power of Positive Feedback

Providing positive feedback to employees is one of the simplest and most powerful things you can do to motivate your staff. Positive feedback reinforces desired behavior, builds self-belief and confidence, and encourages continuous improvement.

Managing Personal Transitions in a Change Program

Managers typically focus on change management – getting to the end physical state as quickly as possible. In the process, they leave their employees behind. What managers fail to understand, and act on, is the nature of the personal transitions that individual employees experience during the change process. Understanding these personal transitions can contribute substantially to a successful change.

Remote Preparation For Your Job Interview

Too many job applicants turn up ill-prepared for their selection interview. They arrive at the job interview knowing very little about the organization, the section or unit involved or the nature of the advertised position. It is very difficult to convince a selection panel that you are really interested in an advertised job if you demonstrably know nothing about it! Here are some suggestions on preparation for a job interview.

You Are Branding Yourself As A Manager Every Day!

You Are Branding Yourself As A Manager Every Day!

You brand yourself every day by what you attend to, how you treat your employees, your level of self-control, your managerial style, your approach to decision making and your communication skills. Branding is what sets you apart, differentiates you from other managers in your organization and industry.

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