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Other Selection Support Services

A majority of our selection support services are ‘unbundled’ which means you can choose one or more service according to your needs. The services below can be included as additional services to your scribing booking, but they can also be booked as standalone services.

We simply charge by the hour and we provide an estimate of costs so you know what to expect. Often, we try to find some efficiencies to help save you costs.

These services include:

  • Referee Checks
  • Administration Support
  • Applicant Assessment
  • Interview Questions
  • Background Checks


Not sure how you these services can help you? Here are some scenarios you might find yourself in:

Referee Checks

Situation: Interviews have been completed, but the panel have decided to conduct referee checks for everyone on the Order of Merit. This means 10+ referee checks and you simply don’t have the time. Our team are qualified to enter at this late stage of the selection process, obtain referee comments and complete each referee report.


Admin Support

Situation 1: The panel have shortlisted the applicants to fill 10 positions for one role, and they have shortlisted 20+ applicants to be interviewed over the next few days. This may seem overwhelming but our team are experts at scheduling large applicant fields for interviews, work tests and referee checks. We have systems in place to easily fulfill this task.

Situation 2: You’re completing a bulk recruitment process internally for several lower level positions and have received over 200 applications for each role. You have received the applications via PDF but now need to enter, sort and filter the applicants in an Excel spreadsheet or Access database. If you’re not sure where to start, be comforted knowing that we can do this for you. Just tell us what information you need and how you would like it presented to you and we will get it under way.

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