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Executive Scribing & Selection Reports

For our Government clients, scribing services are frequently requested where risk and governance considerations require an independent record of interview processes and the deliberations of the selection panel.

The ability to produce a selection report tailored to your agency and accurately representing the panel’s process, the information provided by applicants and the final recommendations is essential and also a well regarded service.  Clients are often impressed by our ability to interpret and articulate this information.  The production of a professional report, worthy of scrutiny at the highest levels, is our outcome here.


Capturing the key elements of applicants’ information, tying these to the required capabilities and then concisely representing the selection panel’s views is a valued skill developed over the many years that our executive consultants have been doing this work.  We ensure that documentation meets current standards and can confidently be released under Right to Information. Our executive selection services include:

  • Liaise with internal HR staff to ensure the smoothest possible transition through subsequent approval processes.
  • Scribing at shortlisting meetings, interviews or through other selection processes
  • Preparing a draft selection report using agency templates
  • Finalising executive appointment documentation


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