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Job Interviews

The last job interview I went to was ridiculous and I was left very dissatisfied.

It was almost like walking into a police questioning. I swear one job interviewer was trying to be the bad cop while the other was playing the good cop and the last was an impartial judge.

Now, while there may be some justification for taking this approach (one asks the hard tough questions and digs deep for the answers while the other balances it out by encouraging and complimenting), I find it difficult to respond positively to someone who is trying to intimidate me, as I lose all desire to be professionally involved with someone with that attitude.

I am aware that this approach can be used as a test to see how people can take pressure and authority, but I have always subscribed to the theory that positivity will always produce a better work ethic in the long run as your employees learn to trust and like you and are therefore intent on ensuring they do not let you down.

It seems that selection panel members are totally unaware of the negative impact that the good cop/bad cop approach to job interviews can have on job applicants.

But then again, I am only speaking from a Gen Y perspective.  The reality today, though, is that we GenY’s will not put up with poor management practices.

Conducting a job interview is a responsible job, so it is important for selection panels to be aware of the impact (positive and negative) they are having on job applicants.

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