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Change Management

Change Management is a complex area.

It not only involves organisational change but change as experienced by individual managers and staff. It is important to recognise that relying solely on a rational approach to change management will fail to capture the minds and hearts of people affected by the change. Involvement of managers and staff is critical but this needs to be within clearly defined parameters.

Pseudo-consultation or unstructured involvement can be more damaging than useful. Sharing information as widely and as accurately as possible can help to limit the flood of rumours and damaging negativity.

We all respond to change differently and our response to individual changes depends on how we perceive the impact of a given change. Whether change is imposed or collaborative, managing change is not only about the organisational dimension but also the personal, and often extends to inter-organisational, interactions.

Our Change Management Services include:

  • Organisational Change – strategy and management
  • Organisational Reviews
  • Future Search and Visioning
  • Coaching and Mentoring Executives, Managers and Change Facilitators
  • Outplacement Services
  • Action Learning as a Strategy for Change
  • Workshops for Managers and Staff

Our Workshops Topics include:

  • Keeping your Team Productive through Change
  • Dealing Constructively with Change and Uncertainty
  • Career Resilience
  • Personal Resilience
  • Effective Change Management

Our Approach

We adopt a structured and collaborative approach to change management consulting and related executive and manager coaching. We work closely with clients to achieve alignment between vision, goals and business processes; improve communication channels; expand engagement strategies and create an organisational environment that cultivates innovation.

Change management can be planned and effectively managed, even when change is externally imposed. There are a number of long-standing principles that facilitate the implementation of change. Fundamental to these is a recognition that external organisational change can happen quickly, while internal personal change takes time.

Our approach seeks to target both the organisational imperatives and the needs of the workforce.


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