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Welcome to our new blog.  We will be sharing current information about our company (Merit Solutions Australia), our primary client group (the Public Sector) and our niche (Human Resource Management).

On this blog, we will introduce our new human resource consultants, profile existing consultants, announce new workshops, share events involving Merit Solutions Australia and offer resources for public sector managers, selection panels and job applicants.

We will also share information about human resource management changes in the Queensland Public Service, the Australian Public Service. Local Government and Government Owned Organisations (GOCS).

This information about human resource management in the public sector will include relevant legislation and regulatory changes, structural changes and new human resource management policies, processes and procedures.

On the broader front, we want to share what is happening in the human resource management field globally such as new approaches to recruitment and selection, psychometric assessment, on-boarding, employee retention, employee development, training, organisation design and human resource policy.

We welcome your comments and ideas and hope that you will join us on this exciting journey.


Merit Solutions Australia offers human resource consultancy services to the public sector throughout Queensland and Australia.

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