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Job Descriptions

The failure to critically review and update job descriptions can undermine recruitment and management efforts.


Job descriptions define the key responsibilities and the inter-relationships for all employees and underpin effective management at each stage of the employment relationship.

In recruitment, the job description helps attract the right people by presenting the benefits of the job and the organisation.  As it clearly defines the skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities required, the job description also helps potential applicants to self-assess against the demands of the job. Well defined job requirements shape cost effective assessment strategies and ensure that the best person is selected.

Subsequent to recruitment, the job description forms part of the employment contract and is a vital tool in performance management, staff development and remuneration arrangements. Quality job descriptions contribute to role clarity and effective teamwork.

Job Description Services include:

  • Design of well targeted job descriptions
  • Development of a suite of job descriptions to clarify accountabilities and relationships within a team or larger organisational structure
  • Supporting organisational change by simplifying and updating existing job descriptions
  • Advice on job evaluations (including the Queensland Government JEMS System)
  • Benchmarking against other organisation and industry standards

Our approach

Clients appreciate our ability to design attractive and streamlined role descriptions which set clear job expectations, clarify team roles and relationships, help attract and recruit the right people, provide the framework for performance management and staff development and assist in compliance with employment obligations.

If you are implementing new or redesigned structures, creating a new role or simply updating job requirements, our flexible and professional team will assist you to achieve timely outcomes. Our consultants also add value through their analytical skills, understanding of organisational design principles, appreciation of organisational context and focus on business needs.

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