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Organisational Development

Organisation development (OD) involves planned and systemic interventions in the on-going life of an organisation to achieve sustained organisational performance and improved outcomes for all stakeholders including staff.  It focuses on developing the values, culture and structures of an organisation so that it can better adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges.

OD can take many forms from micro change such as team building to macro change (whole of organisation change). Merit Solutions consultants have worked across the whole range of OD interventions both as internal and external organisational consultants. Our consultants have also worked with all sectors – private, public, education, community and not-for-profit organisations.

Organisational Development Services include:

  • Research and diagnosis through interviews, focus groups and survey design
  • Design, facilitation and evaluation of action learning programs
  • Developing a performance culture
  • Building a culture of innovation and excellence
  • Change management planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Future search and visioning
  • Development of people policy and practices
  • Team development and team building
  • Participative work design
  • Organisation review
  • Developing structures to reinforce organisation culture and strategy
  • Action research

Our Approach

Our approach to organisational development is to work collaboratively with the organisation to define the objectives of the OD intervention, determine the scope and boundary, develop the design, facilitate the intervention and collaboratively evaluate the outcomes.

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