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Psychometric Assessment Services

Psychometrics Explained

Psychometrics are a scientific measurement that allows us to understand an individual’s mental capability (ability testing) and behavioural style (personality testing).

Psychometrics developed specifically for industry are also referred to as Occupational Assessments.  These assessments are designed to measure an applicant’s suitability based on the required core capabilities of a role.

Personality assessments help predict HOW a person will perform in a role whilst ability/aptitude assessments assess if the person CAN DO the job.

Our Approach

We understand that each situation is different and there is no one solution that fits all.  Equally, when considering psychometrics, there is no one assessment tool on the market that can meet every requirement either.  This is why we customise our approach to understand your unique requirements.

Our professional and talented team include organisational psychologists and licenced psychometric practitioners that are thoroughly trained in the use and interpretation of the assessment tools we use.  We do not limit ourselves to one specific test provider either, we work with a number of licenced providers to offer you a range of assessment tools to suit your unique requirements.

Psychometrics and their multiple applications

Psychometric assessments can be used for a number of Human Resource (HR) functions.  Most commonly, they are used in the Recruitment and Selection process but they have also proved their worth in a number of other HR practices too such as Team Building, Succession Planning,  Leadership Development, Outplacement and Career Coaching.   

More recently, with the emergence of remote working in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, psychometric tools have again demonstrated their effectiveness.  For example, personality assessments can indicate if an individual would thrive from working in a home environment verses those that may flounder.  By understanding individual personality preferences, management could gain a quicker sense of those that may be more challenged by working remotely compared to other more adaptable employees who are quite content and productive working autonomously.

Click on the links below to find out more about how psychometrics are used in each of the following applications

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Recruitment and Selection

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Remote Working

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Succession Planning/Leadership Develpment

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Team Building

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Career Guidance & Outplacement

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