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Learning & Development Services

Training Schedule

Our popular public workshops are held several times a year, and dates are regularly updated.

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In-House Programs

Discover our selection of training programs best delivered in-house for our clientele. Many of which have been customized, or specifically formulated, to better address the organisation’s current requirements.

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Action Learning

Managers and executives are often taken outside their comfort zone, especially where no precedent exists for appropriate action. Action Learning assists managers and executives to challenge their fundamental assumptions which are often the real barriers to effective action and the achievement of desired individual and organisational outcomes.

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Developing Effective People

Your employees are the foundation of your organization and effective people skills are essential for high performing teams and workplaces. Our programs equip your staff with the resources to speak up and negotiate with colleagues, bosses and clients at all levels. Additionally,  we work collaboratively with you to build customized programs that “fit” your people and culture.

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Knowledge Transfer

Loss of knowledge and related skills are very real hidden costs to an organisation’s bottom line. Our consultants can help facilitate knowledge sharing as an input to, and outcome from, results-driven learning and action, by helping staff and managers make explicit their implicit knowledge and thus open up this store of “success factors” to scrutiny and reflection.

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Management and Leadership

The demands for adaptability and life-long learning for managers and executives is growing exponentially. Our consultants can develop tailored management and leadership programs that best suit your organisational needs and budget.

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