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Reviewing and assessing applications are usually the first steps in the selection process. Applicants are attempting to convey their suitability for the role and there is the important task of assessing the applications against key requirements and selection criteria, and then shortlisting them for further assessment.

Merit Solutions guarantees shortlisting services that are fast and efficient without sacrificing quality. We can assist you to deal with large applicant pools or to ensure that high quality candidates are not lost through time delays.

Depending on the size of the applicant pool, mix of applicants and number of vacancies, we can suggest the most effective and efficient method to shortlist large fields of applicants. Our consultant’s role is to streamline this stage of the selection process. Where necessary, we can assign a team of consultants to achieve the outcomes you require.

This service includes:


Service Description
Benchmarking Develop recruitment benchmarks to ensure consistency and efficiency, and discuss with the panel.
Initial Review Generate a long list of candidates worthy of more detailed attention.
Shortlisting tools Use of work tests, telephone interviews and psychometric assessments where required.
Assess Applications Each application is assessed according to the key requirements of the role & selection criteria.
Complete Shortlist Table Present a complete record of applicants to the panel and a shortlist of recommended applicants.

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