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Engaging a Merit Solutions consultant as an independent panel member to join your selection process offers a more full service than booking scribing support.

Often you will meet a scribe for the first time at interview, however a panel member is involved once the application dates closes. Our consultant will contact you to obtain relevant documents and to discuss timeframes, capabilities, responsibilities & behaviours, guidelines and benchmarks. They are a part of the process from start to finish; from process design to shortlisting to developing assessment types to completion of the final selection report.


When you book an independent panel member, the following services are generally included:

Service Description
Design the selection process What is the selection methodology? How does it test the various capabilities outlined in the position? The design should ensure the process is robust because these days, grievance is based on process rather than merit. Your consultant will design a process that works, is credible, reliable, valid, and picks the best person for the job so that it’s not easily broken.
Shortlisting Your consultant will do an initial cut of the applicants and create a shortlisting table that will be sent to panel members prior to the shortlisting meeting. This saves time, allowing the panel to quickly review and refine the shortlist. At this meeting, you might also choose to decide whether you would like an order of merit.
Help develop interview questions You won’t find standard interview questions here. Questions should be personalised for each position. Your consultant will discuss what it is you’re trying to find and then help develop a suitable range of questions. Panels are encouraged to ask questions that seek the skills of the applicant, how they would approach the role into the future and how they might fit into the organisation’s culture.
Help develop work tests If required, additional assessment options might be suitable to the process. Does the role have a specific skill that should be tested separate to an interview? Your consultant will discuss this with you and help develop an appropriate assessment to test the applicant’s capabilities.
Interview Scheduling and Candidate Care An optional service – take the hassle of scheduling out of your hands and into ours. This service is particularly useful when attempting to coordinate large interview numbers.
Attend interviews Having an independent panel member brings an external, objective perspective to help the panel dispassionately assess the evidence that the applicant put forward. An external panel member is not influenced by previous working relationships or knowledge of performance. The consultant’s perspective is based on evidence gathered through the process.
Scribing Take detailed notes evaluating each applicant’s performance and the panel’s discussions. Your consultant will help articulate arguments for recommendation based on evidence – in line with what you’re looking for. They will facilitate the conversations to ensure a clear and proper evaluation of each applicant.
Referee checks and reports Your consultant will obtain referee comments and send reports to the panel as they are completed (unless otherwise preferred)
Prepare final selection report The report will include individual assessment and comparative assessment. You will also receive the completed shortlisting table, referee reports, etc. Reports will be completed in your organisation’s correct templates which would have been obtained at start of process.

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