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Organisational Consulting Services

Change Management

Change can be planned and effectively managed even when it is externally imposed. Managing change is not only about the organisational dimension, but also the interpersonal. We work collaboratively to achieve alignment between vision, goals and business processes, to improve communication channels, expand engagement strategies, and create an organisational environment that cultivates innovation.

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Job Descriptions

Once the organisational structure is in place, we can help you design attractive and streamlined role descriptions for a job, team or division. Effective job descriptions establish expectations, clarify team roles and relationships, help attract and recruit the right people, provide the framework for performance management and staff development and assist in compliance with employment obligations.

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Organisational Structures

The foundations of a successful organisation begin with an effective organisational structure. Our approach to organisational design focuses on clear accountabilities, streamlined decision making and evidence based assessment of resourcing needs. Our goal is to minimise hierarchy and build a productive working environment which delivers results and supports a positive culture.

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Organisation Development

Organisation development (OD) involves interventions in the on-going life of an organisation to develop values, structure and culture which lead to improved outcomes for the organisation. We have worked across a range of OD interventions both as internal and external organisational consultants and we have a proven track record across all sectors – private, public, education, community and not-for-profit.

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