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Organisational Structures

Organisational structures can support or hinder effective performance.

Well designed structures strengthen accountability, streamline decision making and boost productivity without adding excessive costs through layers of hierarchy.  Structures need to clearly support business strategy and facilitate innovation while aligning with the desired culture. Poorly designed structures are inefficient and costly, leading to slower decision-making and reducing morale and job satisfaction for staff.

For your people, structures play a key role in job satisfaction and the creation of career opportunities and developmental options.

Organisational Structurse Services include:

  • Design of structures that align with strategy and culture
  • Streamlining organisational structures & resourcing
  • Development of evidence based business cases
  • Collaborative job design
  • Classification or work value reviews
  • Development or review of flexible structures such as broadbanding, generic roles and appointment to level

Our Approach

Our approach to organisational design recognises the critical importance of organisational structures which support business strategy and desired culture. Whether change is driven by external factors such as budget restrictions or IT redevelopment or internal demands for enhanced productivity and improved performance, we focus on clear accountabilities, streamlined decision making and evidence based assessment of resourcing needs.

Our consulting team has expertise in all aspects of effective organisational design and can apply these principles in a pragmatic way to balance control and autonomy, responsiveness and efficiency, performance and growth.

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