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Managing Virtual Teams


The continuing move to virtual working brings challenges and opportunities for staff, managers and organisations – how to maintain productivity gains without sacrificing workplace health and safety – how to induct and manage staff who might never or rarely meet face to face – how to build trust and a healthy team dynamic in a virtual environment.  Our expert team can provide a range of services to support you on this journey.

Training and Coaching

Leading Effective Virtual Teams
(Short session)

This virtual workshop provides an overview and practical tools to assist team leaders and managers to establish trust and effective team dynamics in the virtual environment. It will assist you to diagnose your virtual team effectiveness and develop strategies to ensure a healthy, productive and safe team environment.

Format: 3 hours
Who should attend: Managers and Team Leaders   

Managing Performance in a Virtual Team – Specialised Workshop

Deep dive into workplace conversations and positive performance management in virtual teams.  This small group, intensive workshop provides both a framework for workplace conversations and skills development for team leaders and managers performing this vital role.

Format: 2 x half days
Who should attend: Managers and Team Leaders

Working Safely and Effectively in a Virtual or Blended Team

Short training sessions or group coaching will support staff to manage their focus and productivity in a virtual environment while also ensuring that both physical and mental health are nurtured. These sessions can assist staff to identify the challenges they face and to develop personal tools for self-management in their own environment.

Who should attend: All staff

Coaching for Managers

One-to-one coaching or small group coaching can be provided as a stand-alone service or as an “add on” to our workshops. Our coaches combine exceptional coaching skills with workplace experience and will support you to take practical action to effectively lead change, manage performance and build a mentally healthy, high performing team in the virtual environment.

Who should attend: Managers and Team Leaders

Consulting and Support

Team Building

Engage a skilled facilitator to assist your virtual or blended work team to agree on goals, team values, work plans and communication protocols. Establish action plans to move forward.

Respond to team challenges or survey feedback by commissioning a facilitated review designed to diagnose issues and propose a roadmap to improve productivity and team health.

Re-design Organisational Structures

As these changes are embedded, changes may be required to organisational structures and supervisory arrangements.  Our organisational consultants can advise on alternatives to ensure appropriate mentoring and supervision in a virtual working arrangement.

Develop Role Statements and Agreed Outcomes

To provide confidence about performance in a virtual work environment, more detailed role statements may be required to define required outputs and key performance indicators.  These documents will underpin performance management.

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