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Interview Question Example #2

Interview Question Example #2

Why Do You Want this Job? In one form or other, this question is asked in more than 50% of job interviews – so there is no excuse not to be prepared for it. It is important to sound absolutely sincere when you answer this question so you need to work out what...
Interview Question Example #2

Interview Question Example #1

How do you think you’ll go in business after years working in the public service? Our Job & Career coach, Ann Mills, believes this may be a common interview question for those transitioning from government jobs into the private sector. She gave her tip on...

Research, Research, Research

Too many applicants underestimate how critical it is to do their research before applying for a job. Being prepared, understanding the role and knowing the company can go a long way in all stages of the application process. Read on for some great tips on how doing your research can set you apart from other applicants.

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