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Would you like to go into your next job interview feeling confident and relaxed? The secret is to prepare well.

There are lots of tips and techniques that work. They enable you to talk with ease and authority on a subject in which you are the expert…….yourself!

So often I hear people say that they do not know what they are going to be asked in a job interview so they have no idea of how they might prepare. If we stop and think about it, we do have a basic idea what the interview panel are going to ask us about – ourselves and the job! So that means they will want to discuss our experience, skills, knowledge, achievements and qualifications.

It also gives us an indication of how we might approach aspects of the job they are wanting to fill. So suddenly, we can contain and focus our preparation to those areas.

If people on selection panels can develop questions to ask about those things, why can’t we? We have knowledge about our skills, abilities and achievements. WE have an understanding of the job we are applying for. So we can develop questions that relate to the requirements or key attributes of the role and practice how we might answer them.

This practice in answering questions that we might be asked on a job interview is the first step to solid preparation!

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