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How do you think you’ll go in business after years working in the public service?

Our Job & Career coach, Ann Mills, believes this may be a common interview question for those transitioning from government jobs into the private sector. She gave her tip on the best way to answer it:

  1. Acknowledge their concern.
  2. Re-assure the interviewer that you have both the skills and the attitude they are looking for.
  3. Identify the key things they are looking for and use examples to show that what you achieved is also relevant to their environment.

Example answer:

“I realise you might feel uncertain about that and I know I will have a lot to learn about your business.  I am confident I can make this transition.  When I was working in Department X, my role involved high volumes of client interaction and working collaboratively with teams.  I regularly  exceeded our performance indicators and so did my team. I am very driven, energetic and results focused and clients highly valued my abilities to achieve outcomes and exceed their expectations. In the end, clients want results and I deliver.  For example…”

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