Local Buy Pre-Qualified Supplier – Business Management Services

Merit Solutions is proud to announce that we have been included in the Local Buy Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers for Business Management Services (BUS 249-0515). Under this arrangement, we can provide services for your organisation in the following categories: Business Management and Corporate Governance Corporate Development and Strategic Planning Business Operational Planning Organisational Restructures Operational Improvement People, […]

Standing Offer Arrangement: QLD Government ICT Related Services

Merit Solutions has been successfully appointed to the ICT Services Panel (ICTSS.13.03) for the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI). Under this arrangement, Merit Solutions can provide the following services: Business change management Business analysis Requirements definition and management Change implementation planning and management Organisation design and implementation Skills management Learning and development management […]

Can We Afford Age Discrimination?

Challenging ageism to create an inclusive new world within our workplaces.

Action Research for Organisational Innovation

Action research can generate organisational innovation through the collaborative pursuit of improvement, focus on gathering data in the process of taking action, inbuilt evaluation and encouragement of experimentation in the light of re-thinking of a problem or issue. Action research has evolved since its inception with Kurt Lewin in the 1940’s and its applications have […]

Action Learning: Developing Questioning Insight

In the video embedded in this post, Reg Revans, the Founder of Action Learning, explains the origins of action learning and focuses strongly on the need for questioning insight. He was 83 years of age at the time of this interview and had been using action learning in multiple contexts around the world for more […]

Knowledge Sharing: Where to start?

Knowledge sharing needs to be initiated by the manager as part of business-as-usual rather than waiting until there is an executive edict or sophisticated knowledge management system in place.  The manager is close to the action and is the one who is likely to be the first to feel the impact of loss of knowledge […]

Sustaining a Learning and Development Culture in Times of Resource Constraint

In a recent Breakfast Forum, we continued our discussion of learning and development in times of limited budgets.  One of the key challenges raised in the discussion was the issue of sustainability – sustaining a learning and development culture in times of resource constraint. After sharing their own experience of on-the-job learning and development, participants […]

Learning On-the-Job: The 70:20:10 Learning Model

The 70:20:10 Learning Model was developed by Morgan McCall, Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo while at the Center for Creative Leadership in the 1980s.  The model highlights the dominant role of learning on-the-job relative to other forms of learning. Fundamentally, the 70:20:10 Model asserts that learning for managers and staff is achieved through three broad […]

Developing Mindfulness Through Action Learning

One of the key outcomes of mindfulness is self-awareness – awareness of our own words and actions and their impact on others.  Action learning contributes to self-awareness because it involves working on real problems in real time with a supportive group that is prepared to challenge assumptions, beliefs and perceptions. Action learning thus engenders self-awareness […]

Shaping Team Culture Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness underpins active listening, positive feedback, corrective feedback and congruence – it is an essential skill for shaping team culture. Mindfulness means being present in-the-moment by paying attention in a purposeful manner. In essence, mindfulness is awareness – about ourselves and others.  It’s being aware of our own reactions and tuning into others and their […]