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Stress resulting from work pressures, staff shortages and growing demands can impact heavily on your effectiveness as a manager/leader.  This experiential workshop focuses on “mindfulness” and its positive effects in terms of stress reduction and improved effectiveness for managers and leaders.  We will explore the global mindfulness movement and its impacts, including its influence on new approaches adopted for leadership development by the HarvardBusinessSchool.

The workshop is designed for managers/leaders in any context – government, not-for-profit & private sectors.  We will look at why it is that so many millions of people are searching for information about mindfulness, why the UK Government has recently committed hundreds of millions for research on the positive impacts of mindfulness and why recent findings from neuroscience have provided added impetus to the mindfulness movement.

 The workshop will focus on:

  • Understanding mindfulness and the drivers propelling this movement
  • Identifying mindfulness practitioners who are modelling and explaining the approach
  • Exploring techniques for becoming a mindful leader/manager.

 By participating in this workshop, you will:

  • Experience mindfulness (however briefly)
  • Appreciate what mindfulness can do for your own effectiveness as a manager/leader
  • Gain access to resources that are readily available to build your capacity in this aspect of emotional intelligence.


Available as a half day workshop or a short 2-hour seminar as part of a series of short sessions.

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