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Creating a productive team requires developing a team aligned to organisational goals and values.

Managers can employ a number of strategies that will develop and sustain a high performing team when used together and in an appropriate way.

In developing a culture of productivity, managers need to determine their performance and behavioural expectations and reinforce them through positive and corrective feedback.  To sustain high level team performance, a manager needs to ensure that their actions line up with their words.

Who should attend? 

Managers, Supervisors, Team leaders

Topics include: 

  • Developing performance and behavioural expectations in line with organisational goals and values
  • Collaboratively developing team goals
  • Providing positive feedback in a way that reinforces and builds desired performance and behaviour
  • Providing corrective feedback that improves performance or corrects undesired behaviour
  • Demonstrating congruence – ensuring your actions line up with your words and stated values


This is a 2-hour seminar and can be run as part of a series of short sessions.

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