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Psychometrics In Use - Team Building

Team Building

Personality assessments in particular, are very useful tools when building or restructuring a new team or where a team has undergone some personality differences or experienced change.   

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The Jung Type Indicator (JTI)

JTI, when conducted within a team environment, provides an invaluable (and often fun) insight into the different interpersonal and thinking styles of those around us.  This tool enables team members to gain an insight and increased self-awareness into how and why their colleagues may react, think or respond in a different way compared to them. 

The JTI is a culturally sensitive tool and is considered both reliable and valid.   Similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the JTI provides a modern, psychometrically sound measure of psychologist, C. G. Jung’s typology. 

Once completed, this tool will reveal which one of Jung’s 16 personality types each team member falls within based on Jung’s: 

  • Perceiving vs Judging
  • Sensing vs Intuiting
  • Thinking vs Feeling
  • Extraversion vs Introversion.

The Values and Motives Inventory 

This assessment profiles the motivational forces that are expected to drive people in particular activities.  It is an excellent tool to understand and discuss individual team differences. Focussing on three main areas, this tool assesses:  

  • Interpersonal values – that influence an individual’s approach to their relationships with others.
  • Intrinsic values – personal beliefs and attitudes that guides an individual’s approach to tackle everyday problems, and
  • Extrinsic values – those that influence individual behaviour in the workplace.

Due to the nature of this assessment, it can also be used for recruitment and selection, employee development,  career development and outplacement.  

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