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Occupational Interest Profile Plus (OIP+)

This self-assessment tool focusses on a comprehensive range of vocational and personal work interests that could drive and motivate an individual. 

Due to COVID-19, many people have unfortunately been made redundant or are at the stage of changing career direction.  For others, such as new graduates, career options may have become more limited or individuals at any cross roads in their life, may simply want a career that will suit their personal needs as well as their self-interests and skills. 

This tool will investigate the four areas that could affect career choices. These are

  • work needs
  • career interests
  • motivation and skills

 The results of the OIP+ can be combined with some form of reasoning assessment such as Cognify to provide a broader overall picture. 

Once completed, the OIP+ provides a comprehensive report investigating the four areas of work needs, career interests, motivation and skills, populating all of this information together to offer vocational options and suggestions based on the respondent’s results.  Finally, tips are provided to further support career search and occupational exploration.

Cognify (Cognitive Ability Test)

This assessment tool focusses on an individual’s verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills in addition to their problem-solving capabilities.  Results of this test are a good indicator of how applicants will learn, adapt and perform on a job.  This assessment comprises of six mini-online games and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The results of the Cognify test can be combined with the OIP+ assessment to provide a broader, overall picture. 

The Values and Motives Inventory 

The Values and Motives Inventory is an excellent tool to understand individual values and drivers when considering next career steps. 

This assessment profiles the motivational forces that are expected to drive people in particular activities.  It is an excellent tool to understand and discuss individual team differences. Focussing on three main areas, this tool assesses:

  • Interpersonal values – that influence an individual’s approach to their relationships with others.
  • Intrinsic values – personal beliefs and attitudes that guides an individual’s approach to tackle everyday problems, and
  • Extrinsic values – those that influence individual behaviour in the workplace.

Due to the nature of this assessment, it can also be used for recruitment and selection, employee development,  career development and outplacement.

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