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Merit Solutions is proud to announce that we have been included in the Local Buy Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers for Business Management Services (BUS 249-0515).

Under this arrangement, we can provide services for your organisation in the following categories:

Business Management and Corporate Governance

  • Corporate Development and Strategic Planning
  • Business Operational Planning
  • Organisational Restructures
  • Operational Improvement

People, Performance and Change Management

  • Change analysis, strategy and policy development, redesign, integration and implementation to enable successful change in organisations.
  • Team Development / Building
  • HR Policies, Manuals & Guidelines
  • Skills Analysis, Capability and Performance Management
  • Workforce Development (Succession Planning, Attraction and Retention Strategies etc.)
  • Ethics, Code of Conduct and Discrimination
  • Pre-Employment Screening, Verification Services & Functional Assessments
  • Training and Development

Contact our office on (07) 3220 1166 to confirm how your organisation can engage Merit Solutions under this arrangement.

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