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Environmental Policy

This policy affirms Merit Solutions’ commitment to manage all aspects of our operation in an environmentally responsible manner. We care about our environment and want to work actively to reduce pollution of our environment resulting from our business operations.

This policy is ongoing and applies to all workplaces. Every manager, employee and contractor has a responsibility under the policy.

Policy Statement
Merit Solutions commits to systematically reduce our impacts on the environment by conscious management decision and actions that are influenced by environmental concerns.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy
Merit Solutions specifically recognises the need to ensure that:

  • We conduct operations in compliance with relevant environmental regulations, licences and legislation – in particular, with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act.
  • We prevent pollution occurring from our activities and operations;
  • Managers, employees and contractors are educated on their environmental responsibilities;
  • Our purchases and pricing decisions reflect awareness of environmental impacts;
  • Electronic storage of documents is used where possible to reduce paper usage;
  • Document destruction is undertaken in a manner that reduces environmental impacts and contributes to recycling of waste products; and
  • Consumables are recycled.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policy
Merit Solutions specifically recognises the need to ensure that:

  • Quality control measures are developed and maintained and supported by a process of continuous reduction in greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Telecommunications technology is employed to reduce travel by managers, employees, contractors and clients;
  • Vehicles used by the business are low in fossil fuel consumption;
  • We strategically focus our core business activities on a local basis to reduce travel requirements;
  • We develop and enhance our virtual office environment; and
  • Directors are cognisant of, and act on, opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Merit Solutions also actively supports our geographically dispersed contractors in their efforts to pursue sustainable business practices and environmental protection, by the provision of a virtual office environment, modelling best practice and educating them in their environmental responsibilities.

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