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Employment Practices Policy

This policy affirms Merit Solutions’ commitment to adopt fair employment practices for our employees and consultants (contractors).  Our employment practices policy is informed by relevant standards of SA 8000 specifically those relating to occupational
health and safety, anti-discrimination, discipline and complaint practices,
working hours and remuneration.

This policy is ongoing and applies to all workplaces. Every manager, employee and contractor has a responsibility under the policy.

Policy Statement
Merit Solutions commits to systematically review and improve our employment practices in line with the SA 8000 standards and the needs of our staff, contractors and clients.

Who we are
Merit Solutions is a network organisation developed as an alternative to the traditional, structured corporate world. The rationale for this design was to allow people in the organisation the flexibility and freedom to pursue life, family and business goals, while also mitigating many of the disadvantages of self-employment as an individual operator.

The organisation comprises a management core and a network of predominantly women consultants. The management core – Managing Director and two administrative staff – is housed in serviced offices in the Christie Centre. The consultants act as contractors and run their own business from their homes. The Christie Centre facilities are available to consultants when working in the city.

Merit recognises the commitment and contribution of our consultants to the business operations and business sustainability.

Merit’s innovative employment practices were recognised in 2002 as part of the Queensland Work and Family Awards when the organisation was assessed by the Department of Employment and Training as the Winner of a Special Judges Award.

What we commit to
Merit Solutions specifically recognises the need to:

  • Provide the team of independent contractors with business opportunities, income and flexibility to attend to family and lifestyle commitments
  • Allocate work fairly having regard to personal capability, availability and willingness to take on specific consulting jobs
  • Manage clients’ expectations with respect to the availability of specific consultants
  • Offer equality of opportunity for staff training and development to build the capability of all staff and contractors
  • Provide support for consultants in the form of indemnity insurance cover and the maintenance of a collaborative, professional network
  • Share business and financial information with consultants to enable them to make informed decisions about their future employment and to engage them in organisational improvement
  • Hold regular meetings to identify issues, share best practise and collaboratively plan future directions and services
  • Cultivate a culture that respects and values the diverse needs of staff and consultants
  • Develop communications technology to support sharing of information and enhance client service
  • Focus on continuous improvement informed by the needs of staff, consultants and clients
  • Ensure that our family friendly approach provides flexibility for our consultants and responsiveness for our clients
  • Set client fees and consultants’ commissions at a level that provides an equitable return for their work and ensures business viability
  • Identify and implement strategies to ensure organisational sustainability and moderate growth
  • Develop and implement an occupational health and safety policy
  • Develop and implement a discipline and complaints policy.

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