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Customer Service Standards – Training

This policy affirms Merit Solutions’ commitment to quality customer service in the design, conduct and evaluation of all of our training services and products.

This policy is ongoing and applies to all training services and products provided by Merit Solutions. Every manager, employee and contractor involved in training administration and delivery has a responsibility under the Customer Service Standards Policy.

Policy Statement
Merit Solutions commits to the development, implementation and ongoing improvement of high quality training services and products modelled on the Australian Quality Training framework.

Customer Service

  • ensuring website is easy to navigate and provides up-to-date training information
  • providing information in a timely and courteous manner to organisation clients and participants
  • acknowledging training applications within 24 hours
  • processing course registrations and invoices within 48 hours of receipt
  • sending reminders to participants one week prior to public workshops

Information Management

  • monitoring the accuracy of training records maintained
  • ensuring that equity and privacy principles are adhered to

Design Procedures

  • ensuring that training courses/programs are designed on adult learning principles
  • ensuring, where appropriate, that action learning is embedded in course design
  • catering for different learning styles, cultural differences and participants who have disabilities or special needs
  • catering to client’s and participants’ needs through customisation of course/program structure, content, emphasis, sequence and venue where appropriate
  • maximising the return of investment for both the participant and the client organisation.

Course and Program Delivery

  • ensuring that all facilitators are professionally competent to deliver the training services
  • assisting new facilitators to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills by having them work with a lead facilitator until the mentor is confident they have developed the desired level of capability
  • supporting participants at all stages of the learning process with in-session and out-of-session help where appropriate
  • meeting client’s expectations re reporting on course processes and outcomes
  • ensuring course evaluations are provided to participants with results summarised and returned to clients within 4 working days after completion of training
  • maintaining communication with client’s contact person to ensure organisation’s needs are being met and to enable feedback for quality improvement.

 Complaints Processing

  • acknowledging in writing on the same day, complaints received in person, by email, phone
  • advising Managing Director of any complaints for quality control purposes and client satisfaction
  • advising complainant within 7 days, of outcome or expected timing of resolution.

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