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Lifelong Action Learning

Book Review: Lifelong Action Learning for Community Development

I was recently approached by Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt to launch her latest book, Lifelong Action Learning for Community Development: Learning and Development for a Better World, with her … More

Action Learning

What Is Action Learning Really?

Action learning is learning with others through doing and reflecting on outcomes, both intended and unintended. Action learning had its origins in the UK  in 1946 when Reg Revans worked … More

job application research

Winning That Job – Doing Research Pays Off

It is awful to read a job application or sit through a job interview where it is clear that the applicant has not done even the basic research or homework.  It is especially disappointing … More

action learning - questioning insight

Action Learning: Developing Questioning Insight

In the video embedded in this post, Reg Revans, the Founder of Action Learning, explains the origins of action learning and focuses strongly on the need for questioning insight. He was 83 … More

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