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Workshops for All Staff


Discover our selection of staff training programs best delivered in-house for our clientele. Many of which have been customized, or specifically formulated, to better address the organisation’s current requirements.

We are able to develop courses in a wide range of areas to suit your staff development needs and we work collaboratively with you to build customized programs that “fit” your people and culture.

Developing Effective People

Your employees are the foundation of your organization and effective people skills are essential for high performing teams and workplaces. Our programs equip your staff with the resources to speak up and negotiate with colleagues, bosses and clients at all levels.

Emotional Intelligence

Gain greater self-awareness by understanding and recognising emotions in yourrself and others and learning how to construcively manage your emotional responses to develop and sustain working relationships within your team.

Working Safely and Effectively in a Virtual or Blended Team

Short training sessions or group coaching will support staff to manage their focus and productivity in a virtual environment while also ensuring that both physical and mental health are nurtured. These sessions can assist staff to identify the challenges they face and to develop personal tools for self-management in their own environment. 

Training for panels & job applicants

Training for managers & team leaders

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