Performance Feedback: Barriers to Feedback on Poor Performance

In this podcast, Ron Passfield, PhD, discusses performance feedback with Dr. Angela Bryan, PhD (Philosophy).  They explore some of the personal barriers to giving  feedback on poor performance and identify strategies to overcome these barriers.

The key barriers discussed are:

  • Feeling uncomfortable with giving feedback on poor performance
  • Lack of skill or experience in giving corrective feedback.

In their discussion, Ron and Angela highlight the importance of preparation and practice to build the confidence and skills necessary to give effective feedbck on poor performance.

About Ron Passfield

Ron is currently a Director and an Executive Consultant with Merit Solutions. He also collaborates with Julie Cork and Associates in the delivery of the Practical People Management program to Queensland Government clients. Since 1990, he has consulted as a coach to senior executives in leadership, culture and organisational change. Previously, Ron was a full-time lecturer in human resource management and organisational behaviour at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at Griffith University for more than a decade.