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Developing Effective People

People are the foundation for every organisation and effective interpersonal skills are essential for effective teams and workplaces.  Equipping staff with the resources to speak up and negotiate with colleagues, bosses and clients pays dividends in reduced conflict and higher productivity.  One of the foundations for effective team work is an understanding of individual differences – what motivates and what annoys those around us. Good people skills are also essential for good client service.

Organisations have an obligation to educate staff about ethical standards in their environment and to understand appropriate workplace behaviour.  Equity and diversity programs are founded on a core of respect for individual differences whether they relate to intergenerational issues, gender, race or disability.

Our programs cover:

  • Effective interpersonal skills in areas such as assertion skills, conflict management, dealing with difficult people and team work
  • Workplace behaviour including ethical behaviour and compliance with codes of conduct
  • Resilience during times of change
  • Equity and diversity programs
  • Workshops, seminars and webinars
  • Coaching programs to support effective workplace skills

Our Approach

Our approach to learning and development is based on the principles of adult learning and we build strategies to encourage direct transfer of new skills into the workplace.  We enjoy working collaboratively with clients to build customised programs which “fit” with your people and culture.  Our learning and development team have extensive experience in the facilitation of  wide range of workshops across all these areas and they will provide exceptional insight into communication and personal effectiveness in organisations.

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