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Zoom Workshop Instructions

To support you in having the best possible experience in your virtual workshop, please take the time to read and complete the actions below. This will ensure you are able to successfully participate in the workshop.



Device functionality

The session will be run using Zoom 5.0. To participate, you will need access to audio speakers, a microphone, and a web camera for video. We recommend using one of the following devices:

  • Desktop with webcam
  • Laptop with camera
  • Tablet with camera

As this is a highly interactive workshop which involves significant group work, a device with functional camera is required. If your connection is/ becomes unstable, it is possible to connect on 2 devices simulteously to enable both video and audio functionality.

Due to the format and content of the workshop, participation via phone is not recommended due to the small screen size and some reduced functionality. However, this may be a back up as a secondary connection.

Zoom set up

If you do not already have Zoom set up, please start by checking your internet connection speed and access to Zoom using the following test link on the device that you plan to use for the training: https://zoom.us/test

You will be prompted to download the Zoom App. You may also choose to “join from your browser.”
Please use this opportunity to test that your camera, microphone and internet connection are working well, and let us know in advance if you have any difficulties with the set-up.

We encourage you to access the short training videos and resources on the Zoom website which may help you feel more comfortable with the Zoom environment.



Your email invitation to the Zoom training session has a meeting room link and additional details for alternative options to join the session.
You can enter the training:

  • By clicking the link provided
  • By cutting and pasting the link into your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Bing)
  • By opening the Zoom App, choosing “Join a Meeting” and typing the Meeting ID & password

On joining, you will be placed in a virtual “waiting room.” Your facilitator will be notified of your arrival and will admit you to the main training room.

When you are admitted to the main training room, you will still be muted. Your facilitator will be able to talk to you as a group and communicate via text chat.

If your video or audio fails during the session, Zoom will detect the issue and immediately attempt to rectify the problem. Alternatively, simply try again to connect by clicking the link you were given or use one of the other connection options. If the virtual training room is locked or if these attempts are unsuccessful, text the facilitator to advise them of the issue.

Please advise by text message to your facilitator if you are unable to attend a session or if you are going to be joining late. The room will be locked when all participants are present.



The session will involve a combination of presentations from the facilitator, small group discussions and sharing with the larger group. Breakout rooms, virtual whiteboard and chat functions will used.
Information about these breakout rooms and processes is provided below:

Your Zoom Settings

During the session, we recommend that you use the following settings:

Display: There are two video layouts to choose from. You can toggle between displays by choosing either speaker view or gallery view. The display button is located on the top right of the Zoom display

  • Speaker View – the person currently speaking is featured with other participants shown as smaller thumbnail images. Be aware that if you are not on mute, any noise (keyboard clicking, an icy drink) can all be noisy enough to come through the microphone and make you the featured “speaker.”
  • Gallery View – all participants are displayed in tiles across your screen.

Main Menu: In most cases, the main menu is displayed across the bottom of the Zoom display. You may need to touch the screen or click the mouse to see the menu. Type of controls that will be available for you include

  • Mute/Unmute
  • Stop Video/Start video
  • Share screen
  • Chat
  • Participants
  • Reactions
  • Device Settings

Breakout Rooms

During the session, we may use breakout rooms in the virtual training environment to simulate small group discussion. Please familiarise yourself with the processes involved to enable smooth running of these small group discussions.

  • Your facilitator may assign people to separate breakout rooms to participate in a small group
  • When invited by the host to join a breakout room, click JOIN to enter the room.
  • If you have a question while in a breakout room, press the help button and the facilitator will enter the breakout room to assist
  • When in the breakout room, you will have access to audio and chat for communication with each person in your room (but not outside the room). You will also have a screen sharing facility to share if required (please see below instructions for screen sharing)
  • Please note that when you initiate screen sharing, whatever document, file, image or video that you have open will be visible as an icon (so make sure you shut down any work-in-process and/or confidential documents).
  • If you want to leave a breakout room at any time for any reason you can return to the main room by clicking the relevant button.
  • The host is able to enter a breakout room at any time and may also broadcast text messages to all breakout rooms.
  • The host will advise via broadcast when the time in your breakout room is finishing and you will then be automatically returned to the main room.

Screen sharing/Whiteboard instructions

1. Click Share Screen (bottom menu)
2. From the displayed icons, Select whiteboard.
3. Move your cursor to the top of the whiteboard screen and a horizontal menu will appear – Click TEXT (second from the left).



To allow for smooth operation and to ensure maximum value for all, please observe the same courtesies that you would in a face-to-face training session. In particular:

  • If you need to leave the session, please advise your facilitator via text or send a private chat message using the chat button. This will ensure that you are not allocated to a breakout room or blocked from returning from the group if your absence is temporary.
  • Please maintain your attention and focus on the training – don’t be diverted into other activities which may come through on your device. If something is genuinely urgent, then notify the facilitator and leave the session, returning as soon as you are able. Please consider turning off other applications where possible. 


Like many training providers, we have chosen Zoom as our platform for this training due to the quality of the learning environment it provides. A number of our Queensland Government clients have authorised the use of Zoom for training purposes.

Since 30 May 2020, AES 256-bit GCM encryption provides higher levels of security for Zoom 5.0 which is now mandated. We adopt best practice protocols in setting up our training including the use of passwords, waiting room and locking features to secure the training environment.

For more information, you may wish to check the information provided here:




You will have been provided participant materials/ resources to support your participation in this workshop.

Please have these resources readily accessible during the workshop.

It is highly recommended to display these materials on a second device or screen during the workshop if possible or if you have the ability to print these resources in advance of the session.

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