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WHEN : November 20, 2012 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am

WHERE: Christie Conference Centre, 320 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

COST: Free

Preserving Local Wisdom in times of Change

People in organisations hold a wealth of knowledge which is vital to organisational success.  But a team or work force can change quickly as a result of internal movements, a dynamic labour market, downsizing or the retirement of baby-boomers. Sometimes, sophisticated knowledge management systems don’t deliver planned outcomes because they are too complex, difficult to access or they fail to engage managers and team members in capturing and sharing knowledge and wisdom built from experience.  Successful knowledge transfer programs are built around people and will deliver benefits by way of efficiency, productivity and innovation.

This session is designed for line managers, workforce strategists and change managers who are interested in practical, easy to implement strategies for successful knowledge sharing.  We focus on processes which engage staff in identifying critical knowledge and developing local strategies.

Key Topics

  • Knowledge transfer in the context of succession planning and change
  • Understanding your workforce
  • Risk analysis to identify the  knowledge and wisdom you need to capture
  • Making the most of existing systems to share knowledge
  • Smart use of technology
  • Creating a culture of knowledge sharing

Includes case studies from a range of organisational contexts and challenges


7:00am – 7:15am: Registrations
7:15am – 9:00am: Presentation


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