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Lyn Cundy

Angela Anderson

Principal Consultant


  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Shortlisting
  • Scribing
  • Documentation of Procurement and Executive Decision Making
  • Capability Frameworks
  • People Policy and Practices
  • HR Research
  • Coaching for Job Applicants


  • Doctor of Philosophy (HRM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)
  • Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training


  • Action Learning and Action Research Association, Life Member

Career Details

Lyn has been a Consultant with Merit Solutions since 1997.  She was previously employed as an Associate Lecturer in the School of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, Griffith University (5 years).  This role involved program and course development, and included course convening, lecturing and tutoring and the setting and grading of student assessment.  Lyn also has a good knowledge of the vocational education and training (VET) sector and has managed the development of new courses for accreditation in Queensland.  Her early background is in office administration and small business management.

Recruitment and Selection

For more than thirteen years, Lyn has delivered selection advice and support, scribing services and worked as an independent panel member for a wide range of public sector clients.  She has assisted with selections for managerial, professional, technical and administrative positions at all levels up to the Senior Executive Service.  In particular, she has worked with clients to develop specialised job knowledge tests, work samples and structured interview processes.  Her organisational and analytical skills have been particularly helpful in the management of large scale selection exercises to achieve timely outcomes.  Her theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in public sector recruitment and selection processes is highly developed.  Lyn also has relevant experience of promotion appeals and has prepared Agency Statements and provided advice and support in relation to appeal processes.

People Policy and Practices

Lyn has led and contributed significantly to the development of People Policy and Practices for large organisations.  Working with one Division of a Queensland Government agency, Lyn developed a framework for capability assessment, selection, and performance management to support the organisation’s workforce management priorities.  Outcomes included a Competency Profile and Training Needs Analysis which linked into the Division’s planning for performance process.  She also assisted as a team member in the development of a new Recruitment and Selection Standard for the former Queensland Transport.

Coaching and Training

Clients value Lyn’s considerable experience in coaching, mentoring and training managers and selection panel members in selection policy, procedures and processes, behavioural interviewing and designing and delivering post selection feedback.   She combines an excellent understanding of recruitment and selection processes with extensive experience in public sector selections up to executive level.  Lyn is skilled in coaching job applicants in the development of well targeted resumes and applications.


Research, Analysis and Reporting

Lyn’s research, analysis and reporting skills are highly developed.  She has expertise in qualitative methodologies, research design and data gathering using structured interviews, convergent interviewing and focus groups, and she has a record of achievement in analysing qualitative data to draw out findings and identify priorities for problem solving and change.  Lyn developed critical literature reviews for both her Honours and Doctoral theses, and has extensive experience writing academic discussion papers and developing business cases both as a small business owner and to assist agencies in preparing briefs to support operational decisions.  Recent assignments include:

  • Member of the consulting team working with a specialised not-for-profit organisation and principal author in the research and development of an issues and options paper assessing current people management issues and potential challenges; identifying and prioritising options for future improvement and development; and facilitating agreement on an improvement strategy for the group.
  • Preparation of customised reports documenting the review and evaluation of procurement processes and funding proposals.

Organisational Design

As a Merit Consultant, Lyn has many years experience in developing, implementing and reviewing Job Descriptions and can be relied upon to present information clearly and succinctly.  She has relevant tertiary qualifications and teaching experience in Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Organisation Structure and Design and Organisational Development.  Her doctoral research contributes to the dialogue about how we can and should organise ourselves and it explores new patterns of relationship and action that might assist the realisation of sustainable organisational commitment.

Organisational Development

Lyn has significant skills and experience in the design and application of action research processes to achieve collaborative learning and continuous improvement in the workplace. She was Editor of the ALAR Journal for ten years.  ALAR is an international non-refereed publication that aims to promote the study and practice of action learning and action research and the development of professional networking around these methodologies on a global basis.

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