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Judy Oswin

Executive Consultant

  • Organisational and Business Improvement
  • Executive and Base Level Recruitment and Selection
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Policy Development
  • Report Writing
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Career Details

Judy has thirty years experience in a variety of public service roles with her last ten years in the government sector in senior executive positions. She has managed a range of corporate support areas, including finance, human resources and information technology, as well as service delivery and policy functions. Since leaving the public sector to work as a consultant she has undertaken policy development and organisational and business improvement assignments for a range of national and state based organisations. She has sound written skills having authored a number of reports for government and public audiences. Judy joined Merit Solutions in 2014.

Organisational and Business Change

As a manager Judy has implemented a range of organisational and business change initiatives driven by her passion for results and system and process improvement.  She has also managed the introduction of a number of major government change and policy directions.   She has fostered and developed work place cultures and leadership teams which are focused and empowered to deliver. As a consultant she has reviewed policy and organisational structures and processes to assess risk and opportunities and improve efficiency and effectiveness.  She has provided reports and recommendations based on sound analysis and stakeholder engagement with a focus on business outcomes. As a Senior Government Executive, some of Judy’s specific achievements include:

  • Was the executive responsible for vehicle standards, safety, registration and licencing legislation and policy for over two years
  • Was the executive responsible for service delivery policy and delivery for five years including the introduction of significantly enhanced electronic service delivery initiatives
  • Led the implementation of major driving licencing reforms in Transport and Main Roads (formerly QLD Transport) including project governance arrangements, multi-divisional program board, system changes, business process development and communication and marketing
  • Was the Queensland executive accountable for the planning, negotiation and implementation of legislative and business reforms which resulted in the introduction of the National Rail Safety Regulator and National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
  • Led organisational change within two large divisions to align the workforce and business to departmental priorities within tight fiscal environments

As a consultant, Judy also:

  • Undertook a review of the legislative and business risks for a divisional head of a South Australian government department and developed recommendations for revised business practice and staff/work alignment
  • Examined the options for delivery of alcohol and drug testing services by a national regulator and undertook a cost benefit analysis of a number of models of in and out sourced service provision
  • Reviewed the delivery of financial support services within a Queensland government department and made recommendations for the alignment of responsibilities and workflows between corporate, divisional and team based resources
  • Led the team which analysed options and developed recommendations for business systems and processes to support introduction of major heavy vehicle charging reforms
  • Worked as part of a small team to review the functions and structure of financial services in a regional health service
  • Led the project team which developed the model, and procurement documentation, for delivery of outsourced system, business and customer support for a service which was provided internally across two government departments.

Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation

Judy has well developed stakeholder engagement skills and is competent to undertake one on one and group engagement. She has strong facilitation skills focusing on achieving shared understanding, agreed decisions and next steps. She has chaired multi agency committees managing whole of government change initiatives as well as industry forums. As a manager, she was highly engaged with staff, building commitment to change and business improvement. As a consultant she has undertaken substantial stakeholder engagement – assessing issues and analysing opportunities and barriers to achieving desired client outcomes.

Recruitment and Selection

As a manager, Judy was involved in a range of executive and base level recruitment processes. She has chaired panels, developed position descriptions and organisational structures. As a consultant, Judy has undertaken shortlisting, referee checking, interview support and development of selection documentation.

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