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Consultant Profile

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Fiona Estella

Angela Anderson

Principal Consultant


  • Recruitment and Selection including Panel Member, Shortlisting, Scribing and Reporting

  • Talent Attraction

  • Learning and Development

  • Workforce Planning

  • Competency Frameworks

  • Role Descriptions


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Leadership

  • Prosci Change Management Methodology Accreditation

  • Prince 2 Project Management Foundation Accreditation

  • Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Accreditation

  • Certificate IV in Graphic Design

Career Details

Fiona joined Merit Solutions in 2024 after a diverse career in Queensland Government spanning over twenty-five years across many agencies. As Manager Workforce Program for the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group (previously the Queensland Government Chief Information Office), Fiona specialised in whole-of-government ICT and digital workforce planning and capability development.

Recently, she supported the whole-of-government Digital Economy Leaders Group as the Secretariat working with the department’s Director-General and Deputy Directors-General as well as Chief Information Officers from across the sector. In this role, Fiona also undertook workforce projects to support the Savings and Debt, Data and ICT workstream. A significant workforce project included supporting the analysis of the sector’s spend on ICT contingent labour, culminating in Fiona developing a Contingent Workforce Management Guideline to assist agencies with analysis and workforce planning.

Recruitment and Selection, Shortlisting, Scribing

Fiona has been involved in selection and recruitment processes both in the private and the public sector for most of her career. This has included the development of strategic approaches at the whole-of-government level to attract in-demand roles, as well as the development of tools and resources to support best practice recruitment.

In addition to strategic projects, Fiona has extensive experience undertaking interviews and recruitment for individual roles. With a strong understanding of competency frameworks and the ability to consider various approaches to a recruitment process, Fiona can use her extensive knowledge to assist in achieving positive outcomes.

Workforce Planning

Fiona’s passion for strategic workforce planning started with the development of the Queensland Government ICT Workforce Planning Methodology, supporting agencies in strategic workforce planning to optimise their current workforce, while preparing for future workforce risks. Fiona enjoys translating business strategies into effective workforce strategies. Taking an evidence-based approach, Fiona has also worked diligently over many years to improve the integrity of the workforce data captured and used.

Learning and Development

Fiona has crafted contemporary learning and development programs focusing on the adult learner and the unique environment and challenges. A significant achievement was a program offered across the sector which focused on building leadership and digital capability. The learning model and approach included a combination of on-line and face-to-face learning, while also building management support to achieve the best possible transfer of knowledge and opportunities for the learner.

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