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Anne-Marie Carroll

Managing Director

  • Organisational Structures and Reviews
  • Executive Role Descriptions
  • People Policy and Practices
  • Executive Recruitment and Selection
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Coaching for Managers and Executives
  • B Commerce
  • M Management
  • Australian Human Resources Institute, Certified Professional
  • Action Learning and Action Research Association, Life Member
  • Accredited MBTI Practitioner
  • Accredited Assessor CUBIKS PAPI
  • Accredited LPP 360 (360 Degree Feedback)

Career Details:

Anne-Marie is the Managing Director of Merit Solutions. She consults extensively in the areas of strategic HR, job design, recruitment and selection. She has worked in human resource management for 25 years as a manager, internal consultant, central agency adviser and, since 1991, as an external consultant. Anne-Marie previously held senior positions in Human Resource Management in a number of Commonwealth Government Departments. She was Human Resources Manager and Manager Corporate Planning at the Greenslopes Hospital and a Senior Advisor with the Commonwealth Public Service Board.

Organisational Design

With extensive experience in reviews of strategy, structure, resourcing and operations for business teams and larger branches or divisions, Anne-Marie has a track record in the achievement of effective outcomes for clients. Some past assignments have included a strategic review of the Trade Measurement function within the Office of Fair Trading and a review of the management structures in one Region of the Queensland Ambulance Service. Anne-Marie regularly reviews and develops executive role descriptions for clients.

Recruitment and Selection

Anne‐Marie has extensive experience in recruitment and selection advice and assistance including a  track record of effective delivery of executive selection services.  She has frequently worked as an  independent panel member, providing HR expertise and advice, for selections for a range of agencies  across local and State Government including statutory authorities.  She has advised on strategies to  enable the effective management of the selection aspects of corporate restructuring. As Managing  Director of Merit Solutions, Anne‐Marie has coordinated teams of consultants to assist in large scale  selection exercises.

With accreditation in the use of PAPI, a globally recognised Personality and Preferences Inventory,  Anne‐Marie advises clients on the application of this valuable tool in recruitment as well as coaching  and team development.  Anne‐Marie is also licensed to administer both Verbal and Numeric Reasoning  assessment  tools  which  can  be  oriented  to  either  Executive/Management  roles  or  Operational/Administrative roles

People Policy and Practices

Over many years developing, implementing and reviewing people policy and practices, Anne-Marie has worked closely and collaboratively with clients in the development of standards, policy and procedures in areas such as recruitment and selection, performance management, equity and diversity. Recent projects include the development of a new Recruitment and Selection Standard for the former Queensland Transport.

Organisational and Team Development

Following more than a decade of professional leadership in this field, Anne‐Marie’s knowledge and  experience  in  the  use  of  action  learning  to  achieve  individual  and  organisational  learning  and  continuous improvement is highly developed.  She has designed and facilitated action learning based  development programs utilising a combination of content delivery, project based learning, coaching or  mentoring and learning groups.

Anne‐Marie’s experience in designing and facilitating team development activities includes:

  • Future search and strategic planning workshops for up to 100 participants;
  • Development  activities  for  existing  teams  to  explore  opportunities  to  improve  team  performance and interpersonal relationships;
  • Strategic planning workshops for community, university, hospital, business and public sector  organisations;
  • Facilitation  of  focus  groups  to  review  current  practices  and  develop recommendations  for  change.

Coaching and Training

Anne-Marie has extensive high level experience in coaching and mentoring managers and leaders up to executive level. She is accredited to use 360° feedback tools focussed on leadership, strategic intelligence and emotional and social intelligence. The leadership tools are based on capability frameworks adopted by the Queensland Government (Capability and Leadership Framework) and the Australian Government (Integrated Leadership System and Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework).

Anne-Marie has also designed and delivered training in:

  • Supervisory and management practices
  • Consultancy Skills for HR Consultants
  • Facilitation Skills for Trainers and Consultants
  • Performance Management
  • Training for Sexual Harassment Contact Officers
  • Recruitment and Selection

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