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Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is critical to an organisation’s effective functioning. Loss of knowledge and related skills is the real hidden cost in an organisation’s operations. Where knowledge is deficient, timeliness, quality and service delivery suffer. Despite the relative low cost of knowledge transfer strategies, many businesses fail to develop appropriate approaches to knowledge retention and transfer. The exorbitant cost, sterility and under-utilisation of some knowledge management systems have become major deterrents to the effective management of organisational knowledge. Many public and private sector organisations have failed to capture the knowledge of those who have left the organisation through retirement, resignation or redundancy. Knowledge transfer is a key means of employee engagement in times of major staff losses. Increasingly, in the current global environment where services, innovation and intangibles dominate over physical products, knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing are critical for competitive advantage and service delivery.

Our Knowledge Transfer Services include:

  • Knowledge acquisition and sharing within action learning based activities
  • Facilitation in the use of new technologies to capture and share knowledge
  • Developing a culture that encourages knowledge sharing
  • Analysis of knowledge sharing blockages and strategies to overcome them
  • Workshops on the design, conduct and evaluation of action learning

Our Approach

We believe that the approach to knowledge management should focus more on knowledge sharing and transfer than static knowledge storage. Knowledge should serve organisational goals and enable the delivery of outcomes. So in our perspective, knowledge transfer should occur through the processes of action learning in pursuit of organisational outcomes. We work with clients to facilitate knowledge sharing as an input to, and outcome from, results-driven learning and action. We draw on our extensive knowledge of new technologies to assist clients to effectively capture and share knowledge as a by-product of organisation improvement processes. One of the key outcomes from this approach is the ability to help staff and managers to make explicit their implicit knowledge and to open up this store of “success factors” to personal scrutiny and reflection. So the knowledge that is shared is the result of reflective practice that has proven its value to the individual and the organisation. Organisational knowledge should serve the organisation’s need for growth, improving operations, increasing profits or improving service delivery.

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