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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

This policy affirms Merit Solutions’ commitment to corporate social responsibility and, specifically, to the responsibility to take into account the financial, environmental and social impacts of decisions and actions Merit Solutions is involved in.

This policy is ongoing and applies to all workplaces. Every manager, employee and contractor has a responsibility under the policy.

Policy Statement
Merit Solutions commits to being an asset to the community through our support of the social, cultural, intellectual and economic development of Australia and our contribution to capability building within the Public Service.

This policy is pursued directly through our own efforts and indirectly through our professional support of our Public Sector clients who provide public services to develop the social, cultural, intellectual and economic environment of the community.

Merit Solutions specifically recognises the need to ensure that:

  • Statutory requirements are fulfilled. In particular, the provisions of Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act (1995) and its operations are satisfied, and all relevant codes of practice are adopted and accepted as the minimum standard;
  • Adequate instruction is given to employees and contractors to be conscious of our social and ethical responsibilities;
  • Our purchases and pricing decisions reflect community consciousness and awareness of social impacts;
  • Managers, employees and contractors respect individual and organizational confidentiality when dealing with our clients;
  • Directors are cognisant of, and act on, opportunities to advance community welfare through donations, communal participation and by providing access for people who may be experiencing social or economic deprivation;
  • Competency needs are identified and appropriate training and development is provided to enable managers, employees and contractors to offer a professional and value adding service;
  • Quality control measures are developed and maintained and supported by a process of continuous improvement in service provision;
  • Merit Solutions managers and contractors participate in, and contribute to, relevant professional associations;
  • Managers, employees and contractors take appropriate action whenever a perceived conflict of interests arises.

Merit Solutions also actively supports contributions to social and cultural activities undertaken by managers, employees or contractors. The flexible working arrangements and flexibility in work allocation provided by Merit Solutions, facilitate these community contributions.

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