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In an environment of shrinking resources and expectations that outcomes will still be delivered, managing workload efficiently and effectively is a real challenge.

For managers and teams, identifying what can be done differently, better or not done at all can assist in continuing to deliver what is required. Prioritising can help but we need to do more and applying a range of strategies can make a difference. A manager’s’ obligation to meet their duty of care responsibilities in this environment remains critical.

This half day workshop or short seminar provides practical tools and guidance that will assist managers and teams to examine workloads and priorities, develop strategies to rationalise demands and continue to uphold critical responsibilities.

Who should attend? 

Managers, Supervisors, Team leaders, Project Managers

Topics covered: 

  • Identifying workload expectations
  • Rationalising workload expectations
  • Maximising resources
  • Maintaining a manager’s critical responsibilities
  • Maintaining the team’s motivation
  • Managing upwards


Available as a half day workshop or a short 2-hour seminar as part of a series of short sessions


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