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PAPI & the Capability Frameworks

The Cubiks competency framework contains 53 competencies collated into five core clusters:

  • Thinking – cognitive and intellectual competencies
  • Relating – social/interpersonal competencies
  • Leading – managerial competencies
  • Self-managing – competencies relating to emotions, motivations and reactions and how these influence efficiency
  • Achieving – output-focused competencies relating to goal achievement

Using these separate competencies, we are able to create customised reports to address the competencies relevant to capability frameworks such as the Queensland Government Capability and Leadership Framework and the Australian Government Integrated Leadership System.

CLF based PAPI Competency Report

An example of our CLF based competency report with the option to generate interview questions to address strengths and weaknesses.

For more information or to request a psychometric assessment, please contact us.

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