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  • Recruitment, Selection
  • Shortlisting
  • Scribing
  • Training and Coaching
  • Organisational Development
  • Bachelor of Arts (Humanities)
  • Diploma in Professional Counselling
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training
  • MBTI Accredited
  • TMI Accredited

Career Details

Hannelie joined Merit Solutions in 2014 after two years in a change management role at Queensland Health.  During that time, she introduced a user-friendly change management approach and associated tools to assist project managers to better plan, implement and evaluate ICT deployments throughout the state.   Previously, Hannelie ran a boutique management consulting firm for ten years, providing organisational development, learning and development and career management services to public and private sector organisations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Asia Pacific region.

Projects included organisational reviews, client and staff surveys, organisational restructures, outplacement strategic planning, learning and development initiatives in leadership, management and soft skills development and a range of HR initiatives such as developing policies, procedures and HR frameworks.   Hannelie’s earlier career was in the Sydney media where she developed her skills and enthusiasm for relationship building, business development and project management.   Hannelie has strong skills in people management, report writing, organisational reviews, working with individuals and group facilitation.

Recruitment and Selection

With many years’ involvement in government and private sector selection panels, Hannelie combines an excellent understanding of the principles of merit based recruitment with practical experience in  workplace  management.  Hannelie  is  noted  for  her  provision  of  expert  advice, high quality documentation and timely service.  Hannelie has specialist skills in report writing and providing HR support and advice.  Previously, she provided a series of best practice recruitment and selection  workshops  to  GCIT  managers  at  the  (Gold  Coast  Institute  of  TAFE). Hannelie also developed a comprehensive HR framework to support the rapid expansion of Service Corporation International (now Invocare) to facilitate best practice recruitment, selection and management of staff. Early in her career, Hannelie worked at Drake International Executive Recruitment in the government and mining sectors.

Coaching and Training

Over many years, Hannelie has provided career coaching and training in resume and application writing  as well as interview performance training. She also works on a one‐to‐one basis with individuals to  support them in preparing high quality job applications and to prepare for interviews. Hannelie brings a  strong understanding of best practice from the perspectives of both selection panel members and job  applicants. With her recent experience in state government, she is very familiar with contemporary  developments in public sector recruitment and selections.

Hannelie has a strong interest in soft skills development and pioneered Emotional Intelligence programs  within the Department of Justice and Attorney General for management and staff. These programs  proved so successful, they ran for a period of eight years.  Other topics under Hannelie’s specialties  include, customer service, building resilience and dealing with change.   Hannelie is passionate about  supporting others to learn and develop their skills. Participants in her workshops frequently provide  positive feedback on the learning experience, enthusiasm and encouragement she provides.

Organisational Development

As an organisational development consultant, Hannelie led a number of strategic initiatives to assist  rapidly growing organisations.  Over a ten year period Hannelie worked with FSG which is a major Gold  Coast based NFP in the disability sector to strategically align their 300 programs and four locations by  restructuring the organisation to form a hub and spoke model to optimise internal operations and client  services. She also later served on this organisation as a board member.

Dress for Success is another not  for profit which was experiencing rapid growth after two years of operation.  Hannelie conducted a  review and provided a number of key strategies to ensure this organisation continues to be economically  sustainable, by growing the leadership team, improved workforce planning, utilising technology to  increase efficiency and productivity and identifying methods for financial sustainability. At a major  airline, Hannelie conducted a comprehensive review and provided recommendations to help the  organisation consolidate to their expansion to the next level.

Change Management

At Queensland Health, Hannelie led the research, design and implementation of a best practice change  management approach along with products to help improve capability in the IT project management  area.  Also within Queensland Health, she led a culture management campaign to help raise morale and  improve  culture  during  a  critical  time.  Hannelie  facilitated  interviews  where  leaders  and  staff  contributed organisational strategies to turn around cultures resulting in improved staff and patient  satisfaction. The project helped clinical staff to recognise their own successes along with lessons learned  in a leadership capacity.  The stories were published and promoted to help coach and mentor other  staff.  Prior  to  this,  Hannelie  provided  change  management  consulting  expertise  to  a  range  of  organisations undergoing changes due to restructures, mergers or acquisitions.  Her key strengths are  change program design, program execution and sponsorship support.  She also has high capability in  each  of  the  functions  of  change  management  including  communication  planning  and  execution,  workforce transition, training planning and delivery execution, business process design and benefits realisation.

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