Keep Your Team Productive Through Change

For many organisations, tight resourcing, change and instability are the norm rather than the exception.  At this time in Queensland, numerous government, corporate and not-for-profit organisations are down-sizing, restructuring or streamlining structures and services.

Designed for practicing managers or for specialists who are supporting managers to manage change, this brief session provides tools and approaches which enable managers and team leaders to assist their staff to deal constructively with uncertainty and maintain productivity during organisational change.  We will apply both research findings and learnings from past organisational change to assist you to position your team to thrive in these challenging circumstances.

Who should attend? Managers, Team Leaders and Project Managers

Topics covered in this session are:

  • Applying recent research findings on how the human brain responds to change and stress
  • Strategies for sustaining team performance during organisational change
  • Maintaining your own equilibrium as a priority
  • Developing your team ‘sustainability’ plan