Meeting Facilitation & Reporting

Expert facilitation and quality documentation ensure that meetings and workshops achieve business outcomes through engagement, meaningful participation and clarity about decisions and agreed actions.  Meetings and other forums need to be managed efficiently and outcomes achieved without losing the benefits of team building and relationship development which can be achieved through effective facilitation.  The need for documentation may be driven by governance requirements, stakeholder communication or just good management practices.

Our services include:

  • Facilitation of meetings, workshops and conferences
  • Facilitating team reviews and appreciative inquiry
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Preparation of minutes and action plans
  • Documentation of issues, representations and outcomes from community consultation, organisational and industry forums
  • Scribing and documentation of outcomes for panels evaluating funding submissions or tenders

Our Approach

Our experienced and skilful facilitators can provide strong but flexible structures and processes which will encourage participation, creativity and contribution while ensuring that concerns or alternative viewpoints are respected and addressed.  Our diverse team brings expertise and a track record across a range of situations and groups and will work collaboratively with you to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Our consultants can also ensure thorough documentation of the outcomes of meetings, workshops and forums. After meeting with you to understand your requirements, expectations and timeframes, we will record key messages throughout the process.  We then provide a concise and coherent written report that synthesises the complex issues, summarises the process and clearly documents the outcomes and decisions. Our documentation services take into consideration the needs and functions of the target audience and provide an appropriate balance between the detail of “what was said”, the key messages from stakeholders and agreed outcomes.  We can also provide digital recording services and guarantee a fast turnaround.  Our experienced consultants add value through their capacity to synthesise ideas, understand the organisational context and present sensitive and complex information in a clear and structured format.

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