Policies and Procedures

Well designed policies and procedures translate values and business strategy into organisational practice.  They provide frameworks which guide managers and staff across the whole range of people practices and decisions.  Over-prescription and rigidly defined processes can lead to ineffective and inefficient organisational practices which do not support business outcomes.  The goal is to ensure compliance with legislative imperatives, encourage best practice and provide practical guidance with supports good management.

Our services include:

  • Development, review and streamlining of policies, guidelines and procedures for:
    • recruitment
    • selection
    • performance appraisal
    • performance management
    • learning and development
    • equity and diversity
    • ethics
  • Implementation of policies and procedures including development of supporting resources, education and capacity building
  • Research, design and implementation of capability frameworks
  • Expert consultants for HR projects
  • Outsourced project management for new initiatives

Our Approach

Our approach is collaborative and based on research into best practice.  We work closely with your internal People professionals to develop policies and procedures which fit your culture and business direction.  We aim for simplicity so that policies are easy to understand and implement for your staff and line managers.  We will research thoroughly and seek industry benchmarks to ensure a contemporary approach.

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