The ideal sourcing strategy will attract a range of candidates with the required skills, knowledge and qualities to “fit” your job and your organisation.  It will present your best face while ensuring honesty and integrity at every step.  “Right sizing” an attraction strategy will assist you to manage candidate numbers so you are not overwhelmed with unsuitable applicants but do not deter those you wish to find.  In a changing technological world, sourcing is an evolving art although the core remains the same – communicating clearly, ethically and positively with your potential candidate market, wherever and whoever they are.

Our Services include:

  • Development of targeted, cost effective attraction strategies
  • Design of job advertisements
  • Placing advertisements in traditional media or online
  • Use of social media including LinkedIn to proactively source candidates
  • Active search strategies using our networks
  • Management of application processing
  • Candidate care

Our approach

Our approach is flexible in that we can provide all or some of these services to meet your needs and your budget.   We adopt a personalised approach in our interactions with candidates.  We invest in understanding the role, organisation imperatives and the dynamics of the team where the person is being placed.  This overall approach provides a solid foundation for the design and implementation of a customised attraction strategy, which delivers the people you need.