Assessment Services

Effective candidate assessment is the key to successful recruitment and retention of staff.  The best fit is not only about knowledge and skills but also compatibility with the team and the organisation’s cultural values.  Failure to undertake a thorough assessment of candidates can lead to ongoing costs associated with remedial training, performance management, team disruption and turnover.  Additionally, there are legal constraints on termination of employees and potential legal costs.  Candidate assessment is often left to busy managers and executives who may not have skills or experience in this area.  Working in partnership with professional consultants can complement and strengthen recruitment and selection processes, leading to better outcomes through the combination of professional expertise and business knowledge.

Our Services include: 

  • Preliminary interviews by phone or face-to-face
  • Management of the assessment process
  • Development of behavioural or situational interview questions
  • Design of work tests
  • Reference checks
  • Background checks
  • Assessment Centres
  • Participation as an external member of a selection panel or committee
  • Psychometric assessment

 Our Approach

We are experienced in the design and development of assessment processes for candidates across the whole range of disciplines up to executive level.  Our consultants can develop searching interview questions and scenarios as well as design work tests, job knowledge tests or presentations. Work tests are often more effective than an interview alone in assessing applied skills such as report writing, financial analysis, making presentations or the application of legislation.  Our consultants will professionally conduct referee checks that identify both strengths and weaknesses of the candidates you are considering.  Our experience helps us to identify “red flags” that require further probing.  We can ensure that your new appointee has been carefully checked to verify their claims in terms of employment history, academic qualifications and reputation.  We can design an assessment centre to suit your needs and budget.