Action Coaching

In the current environment, managers and executives are faced with increasing demands and resource constraints – having to achieve more with less.  Changes are occurring simultaneously on all fronts – technology, demographics of staff and consumers, organisation structures and mission, economic situation and political arenas.  The turbulent global environment exacerbated by the unabated rate of technological change is adding to the uncertainty and ambiguity encountered by managers and executives.   Added to these pressures is the increasing demand for results and accountability.  In this environment, managers and executives are often taken outside their comfort zone, especially where no precedent exists for appropriate action.  Action coaching is an appropriate response in this uncertain environment as it assists managers and executives to challenge their fundamental assumptions which are often the real barriers to effective action and the achievement of desired individual and organisational outcomes.

Our Action Coaching Service involves eight (8) key steps:

  • Determine what needs to happen and in what context
  • Establish trust and mutual expectations
  • Contract with the client for results
  • Collect and communicate feedback
  • Translate talk into action
  • Support big steps
  • Foster reflection after action
  • Evaluate individual and organisational progress

Our Approach

As indicated above, our approach is based on an action coaching model.  This eclectic approach has effective action as the primary focus.   It works through enlightened self-awareness and an overt linking of organisational and personal goals.  The action coaching model does not operate in a vacuum, but recognises the interplay of personal and organisational constraints.  It places a very strong emphasis on the role of the manager/executive in shaping the culture of their work unit or division.   Our three coaches have extensive experience in working with managers and executives in a coaching capacity and are able to tailor their approach to meet client needs and organisational requirements.


Download our Action Coaching Model (.pdf 93kb)

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