Referee and Background Checks

Following interviews, the sourcing of thorough and insightful comment in relation to past work performance can provide useful further insights and may be necessary to clarify concerns or separate highly competitive applicants.  The process of gaining detailed referee comment at this level can be time consuming and difficult.  We have been exposed to sourcing comment from the most senior levels in organisations, both in Australia and overseas and utilise probing questions that efficiently achieve the required information.

For many senior roles it is important to eliminate any future risk that an external appointment might bring by conducting further checks.  These could range from formal criminal history checks to verifying qualifications and employment details and reviewing online presence.

Our services include:

  • Managing referee checks to ensure that appropriate referees are nominated and that confidentiality is maintained
  • Obtaining full and frank comments using skilful probing techniques, confirming (or otherwise) examples given by applicants and exploring work behaviours
  • Documenting referee reports taken by phone and ensuring these are endorsed by the referee when required
  • Obtaining meaningful reports from referees who are hard to contact (eg overseas, interstate, busy executives)
  • Establishing requirements and managing pre-appointment checks as required to ensure the validation of claims and reputation

Our approach:

Our executive consultants develop real insights into the client’s needs and where there are gaps in relation to information on applicants.  Our judgement around how best to source this information has never been questioned and the tenacity and discretion with which we contact referees and conduct further checks is appreciated by all.  Our documentation of these comments is both thorough and well targeted and where necessary we ensure natural justice provisions apply.