Executive Job Descriptions

The executive job description is a vital document which defines the dimensions and the associated capabilities at the commencement of a recruitment exercise.  Engaging Merit Solutions to develop or refine your executive job description can provide a quick and discreet option when you require a timely response or absolute confidentiality.  The work can be delivered independent of internal staff that may be involved in the subsequent exercise and with a view to attracting the optimal applicant pool by presenting the benefits of the job and the organisation. You will be provided with a useful tool for attraction as well as a basis for effective assessment strategies and the negotiation of employment contracts and performance plans.  The failure to critically review and update job descriptions can adversely affect recruitment outcomes.

Our Services include:

  • Design of well targeted job descriptions
  • Updating existing job descriptions in line with organisational changes
  • Advice on job evaluations (including the Queensland Government JEMS System)
  • Benchmarking against other organisation and industry standards
  • Development of a candidate information package to support the sourcing process

Our approach:

Our organisational understanding and capacity to analyse executive level role requirements enables us to provide a quick turnaround for executive job descriptions. We offer absolute discretion while bringing insights gained through work in other best practice organisations.   Our consultants also add value through their analytical skills, understanding of organisational design principles, appreciation of organisational context and focus on business drivers.  We are frequently congratulated for our ready appreciation of a particular role and its challenges.  This also enables us to identify and present relevant information including remuneration and packaging arrangements in candidate information packages that supplement the sourcing process and are well received by applicants.